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NSR promotes world healing by broadcasting inspirational and educational voices of peace and social justice using the language of personal story, music, and spirituality.
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Song Of The Soul
3/28/2020St. Nick & the Promised Land: Spook Handy
Spook Handy saw 2 images in the mirror, did not choose the actuarial path, and it has made all the difference. Taking the stage with Pete Seeger more than 50 times didn't hurt his street cred, but mostly his upbeat, folky, deep and relatable songs, along with Spook's poise and talent make him a pleasure and a joy to listen to and sing along with. When not solo, catch him with The Seed Planters, though no longer with Things Between (fka Sofa Kingdom).
Spirit In Action
3/28/2020Starving Nonprofits
Nonprofit groups are at the forefront of care for the homeless, hungry, needy & oppressed. Given the deep compassion and connection of these non-profits, it is all the more remarkable how often their own staffs face issues of equity and near-poverty wages. Among those looking for a solution to this conundrum are Betsy Leondar-Wright, Anastasia Lynge, & other members of the organization Class Action. They share some of the problems, insights, & solutions that they have found in their report, Staffing the Mission: Improving Jobs in the Nonprofit Sector.

Song Of The Soul
3/21/2020Hills, Stars, Weather, & Nothing - Claudia Schmidt
There is a power & depth, a vibrant, evocative rootedness in the music of Claudia Schmidt. Over the 24 recordings Claudia has created has run the reflection of the earth & water of the Midwest, but also the freedom & inspiration of the wind & the stars above our entire planet. With lyrics, music, and voice to charm us all, Claudia channels enthusiasm, inspiration, & healing.
Spirit In Action
3/21/2020How to Pay for Peace, Not War
Lincoln Rice and Ruth Benn of NWTRCC (National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee)share the essentials from the January 2020 on-line war tax resistance counselor training, including the methods, mechanics, motivations, & consequences of refusing to pay for war.

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