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NSR promotes world healing by broadcasting inspirational and educational voices of peace and social justice using the language of personal story, music, and spirituality.
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Song Of The Soul
2/27/2021Punk, Meditation & Healing: Erin Incoherent
Erin Incoherent's music comes straight out of the punk-rock world, though it maybe has drifted also into the folk-punk genre. Whatever the name, whatever the genre, the music is beautiful, the lyrics are moving, and Erin is, herself, a vibrant, deep soul and wonderful songwriter. With songs that capture pain & dysfunction, but also insight & healing, Erin leads the way to a more conscious & compassionate world. Erin's latest release, Déjà Vu emerged as Erin was finding grounding through meditation and conscious living. Check out Erin's main site & store for more info & supplies.
Spirit In Action
2/27/2021Race, Place & Grace - Where & How I Grew Up
2nd installment of a discussion about race, racism, & the grace leading to solutions, with perspectives from 2 African-Americans. Selika Ducksworth-Lawton was raised in New Orleans, but now graces Eau Claire, WI, a heavily white city, with her wide-ranging activism, including her leadership in the work of Uniting Bridges, and as professor of history at UW-Eau Claire. She recently received the UW-EC MLK Social Justice Award. Rodney Long Jr. has worked as an addictions counselor, social worker, & mental health counselor in Akron, OH, his hometown, Rodney kicked off this conversation with an article in Friends Journal entitled Before My Life Matters to You, Let It Matter to Me

Song Of The Soul
2/20/2021Better Days: Winter 2019 Revisited
A visit to this program the last 2 months before COVID-19, with brief selections from the 2019 interviews with Susan Salidor, The Fairest and Best, Particle Kid (J. Micah Nelson), Sigrid Christiansen, Dean Stevens, and Sally Rogers, before the live music shut-down of 2020.
Spirit In Action
2/20/2021Race In Place - Akron, New Orleans, Eau Claire
Discussion about race, racism, problems & solutions, seen from Akron, OH, New Orleans, LA, & Eau Claire, WI. Rodney Long Jr's article in Friends Journal entitled Before My Life Matters to You, Let It Matter to Me kicked off the exchange, with insights from his life & work as a therapist, social worker, & addictions counselor in Akron. Selika Ducksworth-Lawton grew up in New Orleans and is currently professor of History and of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at UW-Eau Claire. Selika serves on several boards and is deeply involved with the work of Uniting Bridges. She recently received the UW-EC MLK Social Justice Award.

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