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NSR promotes world healing by broadcasting inspirational and educational voices of peace and social justice using the language of personal story, music, and spirituality.
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Song Of The Soul
6/6/2020Pre-Corona Souls - Spring 2019 Retrospective
Song of the Soul broadcast retrospective of a simpler, less COVID-19, time, one year ago, in 2019, with Victoria Shoemaker (Bewitching) and Kora Feder (Painting the Sky with Music) and Peter Phippen (Living Music, Sacred Flute) and Ira Levin of The Levins (Harmonizing With Lamed Vavniks, Hafiz, & The Gita) and Sally Rogers (Happy 100th Birthday Pete Seeger) and Pat Humphries of Emma's Revolution (Pete Seeger's Last Songs) and Charlie King (Pete Seeger's Last Songs) and Annie Patterson (Pete Seeger's Last Songs).
Spirit In Action
6/6/2020Raising White Kids Beyond Color-Blind
Racial Color-Blindness & Diversity Training can't get us to MLK's Dream, but maybe Race-Conscious Parenting can. Jennifer Harvey is the author of Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America, with both practical & philosophical guidance for those who would like to make the dream real. Jennifer's Ph.D. from Union Theological Seminary is in Christian Social Ethics, and she is Professor of Religion at Drake University.

Song Of The Soul
5/30/2020Frog In A New Hampshire Pond: Tom Pirozolli
When Tom Pirozzoli isn't making or playing folk music, you can pretty much find him painting in his New Hampshire studio. Having rambled widely over many continents, Tom has gathered lots of "grist for the mill" in his song writing. His fingers dance the guitar strings, his voice dances the tunes, and his heart dances touching, fun, and insightful lyrics into our lives. Be sure to catch his video of This Is What Love Is Like on Tom's Facebook page.
Spirit In Action
5/30/2020Bono & Neoliberal Capitalism
Chad Seales writes & speaks eloquently on neoliberal capitalism, religion, spirituality, & their intersection with U2 star, Bono, in his book Religion Around Bono: Evangelical Enchantment and Neoliberal Capitalism. Scrutinizing secularism, sincerity, and the factual effects of well-intentioned attempts to be helpful, Chad spotlights the realities behind the forms. Chad Seales teaches in the Dept of Religious Studies at UT-Austin.

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