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NSR promotes world healing by broadcasting inspirational and educational voices of peace and social justice using the language of personal story, music, and spirituality.
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Song Of The Soul
9/19/2020Fishin' with John Prine
A tribute to John Prine, with 6 guests, some singing songs by John, others singing songs about and inspired by John, all paying tribute to a great, truly unique, country-folk singer who died this past April. Carsie Blanton, Laura Farley, and Johnsmith will be singing originals, while Sammie Purcell of Foxes and Fossils, Tom Pirozolli, and Joe Jencks will be covering John Prine songs. Great originals & great renditions, seeded by John Prine.
Spirit In Action
9/19/2020Confronting Racist Theology
Robert P. Jones is the founder and CEO of PRRI and the author of White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity. Combining theological and historical insight with rigorous statistical analysis, Robert P. Jones searches out the DNA of white supremacy in our churches, to expose the systemic racism and lead to change.

Song Of The Soul
9/12/2020Camping with Dads & Peter Alsop
Peter Alsop's latest release is Camping With Dads, and it includes all the fun & profundity you expect from Peter, providing learning about all kinds of stuff, from racism to listening to violence to gorillas. Peter goes everywhere, fearlessly and heartfully, in all of his music. Today he unveils a new song, Love And Questions, dealing with dementia, sung with Ellen Geer. Connect with Peter via the Peter Alsop - Songs to Chew podcast, camp at his retreat center, Otter Space (post-COVID), or just reach out via Peter's full-service website.
Spirit In Action
9/12/2020Hidden History of Monopolies - Thom Hartmann
Thom Hartman just released his latest book, The Hidden History of Monopolies: How Big Business Destroyed the American Dream, and it's rich with history, analysis, insights, & solutions to the immense distortion of our economic & political systems by monopolies. Thom Hartmann is the #1 US progressive talk show host, as well as a prolific and persuasive writter.

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