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NSR promotes world healing by broadcasting inspirational and educational voices of peace and social justice using the language of personal story, music, and spirituality.
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Song Of The Soul
7/31/2021Voices United
Jerry Hui is an amazing choral director, both composing and bringing out of singers intricate & moving performances. Jerry is Director of Choral Activities at UW-Stout, and directs a number of other groups, including Schola Cantorum of Eau Claire. Growing up in Hong Kong, headed for a livelihood working with computers, Jerry found magic in music, and unity in choir.
Spirit In Action
7/31/2021Black Farmers in America
Patricia Stansbury returns to guest-host Spirit in Action for the third time, with this episode adapted from her program, Groundswell, originally recorded for WRIR, Richmond Independent Radio. In late June, Patricia visited John Boyd and Kara Brewer Boyd on their farm, Let's Get Growing, in Boydton, Virginia. In this episode, she talks with Kara about the discrimination faced by Black farmers and other farmers of color. Kara explains the disparities in treatment by banks and federal agencies clearly and factually, and states it without rancor. This episode was recorded in a pole shed with a tin roof and a red pickup truck on Let's Get Growing Farm in Boydton Virginia, and produced at Epic Gardens in Bon Air, Virginia. It has been edited for time.

Song Of The Soul
7/24/2021Harmonizing With Lamed Vavniks, Hafiz, & The Gita
Together Ira Levin and Julia Bordenaro Levin (sometimes with other artists) are The Levins, a weaving of beautiful music, harmonies, & lyrics. Ira comes from rich Jewish ground and avidly draws on mysticism from around the world. Ira & Julia have performed children's music as Uncle Eye & Ms Melody, and Kirtan music with Mirabai Moon, among others. Their songs are joyful, reflective, entrancing, accessible and stunning, all the more so because of precious content. With broadway, classical, rock and roll, jazz, & baroque influences in their lives and music, you will be enriched, entertained, & uplifted.
Spirit In Action
7/24/2021Resisting Fighter Jets At Home and Abroad
This week’s Spirit in Action has been adapted from a recording of a webinar on July 7 hosted by the Canadian No New Fighter Jets Coalition, who are working to stop the Canadian government from purchasing 88 new fighter jets. Rachel Small and Pitasanna Shanmugathas lead the event for the Coalition, with speakers including Yonatan Shapira, former IDF helicopter pilot and current peace activist; Vicki Berenson, an organizer with Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin who is working to prevent the basing of F-35s at Truax Air National Guard Base in Madison; and retired US Air Force Colonel Rosanne Greco and Dr. John Reuwer of World BEYOND War, who have been trying to prevent the deployment of Air National Guard F-35s in Burlington, Vermont.

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