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NSR promotes world healing by broadcasting inspirational and educational voices of peace and social justice using the language of personal story, music, and spirituality.
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Song Of The Soul
11/28/2020Chaucer's Spiritual Progeny - David Arn
David Arn is a story-teller, or, better yet, a verbal story-painter who came to songwriting late in life, but in time to produce 3 CDs of his music by the age of 70. He self-describes as making music of the Folk Rock, Americana, and Soft Rock varieties, but a very special attribute of his productions are the videos that he has engaged to go with his songs, allowing free rein to artists & video producers to create the videos in reaction to and synergy with David's songs. His songs got air-play from his very first release, and the accompanying videos have likewise immediately garnered awards at film festivals. David Arn joins us from Virginia.
Spirit In Action
11/28/2020Resisting Empire, Being Transgender, Being Human - Bible Bash
When viewed with non-gender conforming eyes, the Bible has lessons that can be used to heal, instead of serving repression & exclusion. Everything is not about the Bible, but a good share of everything is in the Bible, at least if you look with the discerning eyes of Peterson Toscano, a gay man who produces the monthly Citizens Climate Radio blog, and Liam Hooper, a North Carolinian trans man of Ministries Beyond Welcome. In this episode of Bible Bash, we'll look at the various subversive ways Daniel survived and resisted the Babylonian Empire, including the way that oppressed people often must caretake their oppressors, a behavior that is true for LGBTQ people and many others. We'll also hear a bilingual reading of Federico Garcia Lorca's poem, Madrigales. In the second half, Joy Ladin shares from her book, Through the Door of Life: a Jewish Journey Between Genders with insights about Jonah. Joy holds the Gottesman Chair in English at Yeshiva University, and, in 2007, became the first (and still only) openly transgender employee of an Orthodox Jewish institution.

Song Of The Soul
11/21/2020Never One Thing - Annie Patterson Rises Again
She's never just one (musical) thing. As the co-creator of the immensely popular group-singing songbook, Rise Up Singing, and its sequel, Rise Again, Annie Patterson has one foot securely rooted in the folk music world. Annie must have several feet, because she also has feet well-planted in diverse musical genres, like blues, swing, and jazz. With a strong, versatile, beautiful voice, and guitar & banjo skills to match, Annie brings great music wherever she goes, among those places, performing with Girls From Mars.
Spirit In Action
11/21/2020Climate Science, History, & Art - Citizens Climate Radio
Guest-host Peterson Toscano of Citizens Climate Radio visits with 5 guests: Andrew Stuhl, associate professor of environmental studies and sciences at Bucknell University, Jason Davis of Climate Stories Project, poet and Master of Environmental Management from Yale University Clara Fang , photographer, writer, and climate advocatPrincella Talley, & Lynn Neuman of Artichoke Dance Company.

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