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Song Of The Soul
Song of the Soul invites you to a soul-level encounter. Music has the ability to proclaim the soul's language beyond what mere words can speak. That's what we seek as we invite our guests to share their Song of the Soul. You will hear the music that has charted the steps of their spiritual journey, that has provided a touchstone in the soul's dark night, and sung the hearts awe and joy when come to the Light. As you listen to Song of the Soul, you are both witness and companion to our guest's spiritual path and sacred testimony.

Song of the Soul guests provide about 25 minutes of the music that speaks of their spiritual path, beliefs or journey, and Mark Helpsmeet explores with them the relevance and meaning of this music to their experience. Some guests are musicians, perhaps sharing their own music, but most guests are simply sharing music they've been impacted by, written and performed by others.

The theme song for this program is by Cris Williamson and is called Song of the Soul. Please check out the wealth of great music Cris has gifted to the world.

Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul (10/28/2007)

Description ExcerptsComments
During nearly 30 years of driving trucks Annabella was pulled into deep spiritual introspection. One of the outcroppings of this was prolific songwriting on spiritual matters. With her partner at the time, Bobbie Bush, she formed the singing duo "Sweet Spirit". Annabella continues singing solo now delving into the challenge of balancing physical life with spiritual being. You can find some of her music on, or you can contact her directly to order the CD's at  
Past/current religious/spiritual influences:
Quaker, Religious Science, Unity Churches

Annabella's Song of the Soul includes the following music:

Life Sweet Spirit (Annabella & Bobbi Bush)
In the Stillness Sweet Spirit (Annabella & Bobbi Bush)
Just Say Yes Sweet Spirit (Annabella & Bobbi Bush)
Bits and Pieces Annabella Wood
Prisoner Annabella Wood
Amazing Grace Sweet Spirit (Annabella & Bobbi Bush)


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In the Stillness


donna willis
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
enjoyed your interview with Meridith on road dog. I am also a lady trucker and have been out here for 33 yrs, I've been an oo most of those years. I like to hear about other lady drivers that started way back when.. Donna Willis--Black River Falls, wi
treei honeycutt from battle creek mi.
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
hi annabella not suer if you remember and bobbie use to come to battle creek mi and sing to our chuch and some time you would let mike and don sing with you,i rember when they went and cut a cd with you. of cource got that cd too. any way i was giong though my cd and their i found three of your cd. so i just had to play them and i getting such a wonderful felling just like i use to every time you came to town. i sure miss thought days. my it been 11, 12 or 13 years ago. just wanted to let know you and your song were and are a big of my life to connect with spirit. if you do get this and have the time could you email me just to let me know you got this. i would be so tickel if you would just let me know.i lose track of rev. muria, rev. jerry, and kay. may be you still konw where their are and how theri doing if so give them my e mail .my spelling not so great i hope you can understand what in writing. well i will say so lone. i send my love and light to you and bobbie, i read that you are not togther so if you have a other sweet person in your life i send my love and light them too. good night. and thank you for your music. i will alway play it .
Bob Higgins
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
I happen to run into Annabella Wood here in Reading, PA at a Unity Church Service yesterday. Her music touched me a great deal and I purchased a her current CD and asked her for her card where I got her website and. consequently, this interview/performance. I am moved by her story, her singing and her song writing. Thanks for providing her the platform on which to meet many others of the mystery and quest for spiritual truths. Bob
Cindy Peto
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
I actually think it's pretty good. This girl should be on the Ellen DeGenerus Show singing that Truck Driven Mama song. Annebella has much to offer and a good future a head of her. She will go far. I will keep her in my prayers.
Ruth ( Marti ) Williams
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
wonderful, wonderful, keep them coming
Ruth (Marti) Williams
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
Emily Bradley
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
As always, Annabella Wood is at Her Best! What a beautiful, touching song.. what an original talent, Anabella.
grace marie smith
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
anabella: along with your wonderful parents, we have just heard your wonderful songs and thoughts on faith. My sincere prayers are with your at this time that the your future surgery will be most successful and that you will recover to continue to tell your faith through song and deeds. My love to you Annabella Marie
Wistar Wood
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
Wonderful interview, Annabella and Mark! Honest, fair, interesting, human, piercing, enlightening, inspiring, and even more. We all wish you the best of recoveries after the next operation. Love to you both.
Bertie Wood
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
Thanks, Honey, for your strength, clarity, and joy!
Lianne Smith
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
Awesome and amazing interview...just like the woman that gave the interview. All the best Annabella. Much Love
Bobbie Bush
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
Glad to hear you are recovering, sorry there is more surgery in your future. It is nice to hear you doing so well emotionally/spiritually. It sounds like God has blessed you with great Spiritual pinnacles to get you through some major challenges. The new arrangement for Prisioer was Right On. Best wishes on your journey... I will hold you in a healing light... God Bless!
Lynn Blue
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
Annabella; It was no coincidence that I could not get through the other night. I needed it tonight. The interview was so honest, uplighting and spiritual.... so you... and so needed by me tonight. Thanks Mark for the interview. Annbella I am so proud to say I know you. Love your style. happy to hear that you are recuperating well....All the best and much love.
Melinda Bergen
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
This program is so rich. The host asked great questions of Annabella, and Annabella answered from a deep place of spirit, of connection with herself and of life. The music you featured fit the interview beautifully. I am honored to know Annabella.
Joni Carley
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
Annabella is awesome!
Carol L. Skolnick,
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
Annabella rocks in more ways than one. What a deeply sweet offering, thank you!
Debbie Rae
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
annabell wood was great. keep up the good work Northern Spirit Radio
Song Of The Soul -Annabella Wood's Song of the Soul
Wonderful slice of life. Thank you, Mark, and thank you Annabella.