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Quaker Quotes
A collection of short quotations from Quaker sources intended to inspire and engender reflections.

George Fox's revealed knowledge of God & Christ (3/1/2007)

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  Direct experience of God without intermediary of man, priest or book.  
From The Journal of George Fox.
Background music: "Julian of Norwich" by Mathilda Navias.


Debra Clemente
Quaker Quotes -George Fox's revealed knowledge of God & Christ
Hello, I just found your site and am anxious to explore it all. I followed a links that began at the Positive Music Association. I just listened to this brief part of George Fox's journal and heard a man tell my own story. I am on a mission to understand other peoples faith and share my own. I was very excited to see you actually use the words "Divine Love" on your site. I have very personal experiences with "Divine Love" and in fact have recorded a year of my awakening to this voice in a manuscript I am seeking to publish. The reason I am writing you is that I am seeking to share these words with others as I am told I am to do. I would love to share a pdf of my manuscript with you if you express interest. If you do choose to read, wonderful. I don't know if you are a Quaker yourself but I have researched the group and often feel I am a Friend at heart. I'm a fine art painter who is awakening to a greater connection with the universe everyday. Listen Here, Iím Talking to You, is a completed 167, 287 word manuscript journaling a year of my awakening to the voice of Love. I used to have to guard my thoughts; now my thoughts guard and guide me. Itís like I have a life coach in my head, but the wisdom is from a whole different source than my brain. Part of me speaks with a voice expressing what I think and wonder about and the other speaks with a confidence that makes firm statements of this is how it is. I hear things and know things that my mind cannot yet wrap around. My head is hearing what my heart knows. Move over brain, you get in my way. This is a different way of being. Cordially, Debra Clemente