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Spirit In Action
Each week, Spirit In Action brings you stories of people living lives of fruitful service, of peace, community, compassion, creative action and progressive efforts. We'll trace the spiritual roots that support and nourish them in their service. Above all, we'll seek out Light, Love and Helping Hands, being shared between our many neighbors on this planet, hoping to inspire and encourage you to sink deep roots and produce sacred fruit in your own life.

Spirit In Action is an hour of interviews with those providing leadership in peace, justice and "good works", interspersed with relevant music.

The theme music is "The Turning of the World" performed by Sara Thomsen (written by Ruth Pellham) and "I Have No Hands But Yours" by Carol Johnson

How We Win !!! (1/5/2019)

George Lakey's new book, How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning brings it all together and changes the prospects for a better world. Drawing on some 60 years experience in all kinds of social change movements & having trained activists from dozens of nations, George is a true expert and a great communicator. Among other resources, he led the creation of the Global Nonviolent Action Database and the organization Training For Change.  
Past/current religious/spiritual influences:
Evangelical Christian, Quaker